Organic Pillow Spray-Nutri Derma

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Organic Sleep spray


One in four of us doesn’t get enough sleep, struggles to get to sleep, or has broken sleep patterns. That’s according to research conducted by the Sleep Council. So it seems our Organic Pillow Spray has arrived in the nick of time. Made in the French town of Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, it’s a unique combination of natural organic extracts.

There’s the essential oil of lavender, well known for its calming sedative properties. Also intended to contribute to relaxation are litsea cubeba and bergamot, while lemon and rosemary extracts are believed to promote blood circulation, plus orange extract which is reputed to help reduce stress. Simply spray on pillows, sheets and around the bedroom (it’s non-staining), breathe deeply, and drift off to a wonderful night’s sleep.

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