Bio Energiser Hemp Patches

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Hemp Patch Reliever

Lasts up to 18 hours 

Improve your quality of life with our natural drug-free hemp pain patch.

Apply 1 or several patches on the arm, thigh, back or stomach, or another problem area. External use only

Key Features

  • 100% Natural Therapy

  • For use by men and women

  • Can be used on back, shoulders, arms and legs

  • 20 Patches per pack

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  • 55x75mm peel-and-stick skin patches
  • Range of holistic ingredients

Sales of HEMP PRODUCTS have soared in the UK since 2018 thanks to the success stories and press/tv coverage of this MIRACULOUS PLANT

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil is extremely beneficial and contains lots of health nutrients such as antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  Hemp oil is normally pressed from the seeds of the Hemp plant, which means it does not contain the ‘high’ effect of the Cannabis plant, so you get all the goodness without the side-affects.

What can Hemp Oil help with?

It acts as an antioxidant and helps molecules move across cell membranes.  The combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants and healing properties make hemp oil the new superfood for good health.

Who uses Hemp Oil?

The vast majority of people who are taking hemp oil tends to be the 40+ year old (men/women) who are looking for health and wellbeing benefits from this is amazing natural plant.  In recent years Research Institutes have been studying this miraculous plant and extracting new compounds to combat certain ailments. The popularity of ancient plants had gained momentum and people are finding natural remedies in these superfoods.

Instructions. How to apply the Hemp Patches.

1. Simply apply the patch to clean, bare skin. 

2. The Hemp Patch  Reliever is manufactured to adhere to your skin easily and to stay in place — delivering  natural hemp seed oil 

3. Can be worn both day and night.

4. The patch works equally well for men and women, and age is not a factor 

5.  It is safe, natural, and has no known side effects.

6. If you experience any side-effects please discontinue use.

7. For external use only. For adults only.

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