Elbowcure-Accupressure Wrap

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  • Breaks pain signals using an integrated Acupressure pad
  • Helps against tennis elbow, golfers elbow, Tendonitis and arm pain
  • Fights against lateral epicondylalgia
  • Independently tested and proven
  • Can be worn under clothing all day, and even as you sleep!
  • Fits in seconds, removed in moments
  • Comfortable – adjustable to any size
  • Perfect for men and women of all ages
  • Worn by thousands – with success!

Independently tested ELBOWCURE™ Acupressure Wrap is the quick-start to tennis elbow/tendonitis and arm pain relief - and to getting your life on track - relieving both short term arm pain and chronic tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylalgia).

How ElbowCure™ technology works:

When you wear ELBOWCURE™ Acupressure wrap just under your elbow, the integrated pad places gentle pressure at the top of the forearm muscle, breaking the pain signal along the Nerve. worn during the day, the pressure continues its work invisibly under clothing, so you can just get on with life. Physiotherapists certify this treatment effective in tennis elbow/ tendonitis and arm pain relief.

  • No batteries or magnets
  • Safe to use with a pacemaker
  • Drug free treatment

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