• Organic Bee Pollen 200g
  • Organic Bee Pollen 200g
  • Organic Bee Pollen 200g

Organic Bee Pollen 200g

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Pure, Sustainable and Organic

• Only natural, organic beekeeping methods are used to ensure the health of the bees and also the purity, sweet taste and nutrition of their pollen.

• Golden Greens® Organic Bee Pollen is a good source of vitamins B1, B2, and B3, and minerals including Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc, protein and fibre.

• Bee Pollen is delicious when mixed with other superfoods or added to smoothies and juices. It's also very yummy when sprinkled over your favourite dessert, or breakfast cereal.

Our Bee Pollen comes from the unspoilt mountainous regions of Spain, where the bees are free to collect pollen from a variety of wildflowers including Cistucs, Rubus and Chestnut.

This combined with natural, organic bee-keeping methods, ensures the health of the bees without harming or disturbing them from their natural routine. It also ensures the purity and sweet taste of their miraculous Bee Pollen.

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