Circulation Reviver

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Neuromuscular Stimulator-soothing and beneficial

  • Mains powered or battery powered-truly portable (At home or travelling)

  • High intensity output settings for foot plates: 1 to 99

  • High intensity output settings for TENS pads: 1 to 99

  • Programme timer: 1 to 60 mins

  • 14 Electrical Muscle pattern cycles for foot plates

  • 10 Electrical Muscle Stimulation pattern cycles for TENS pads

  • Infrared, hand-held remote control

  • 2 Pairs of TENS Electro pads

Fast acting technology targets your lower legs, feet, ankles, calf muscles, thighs, back and more.

*  should not be used if fitted with a pacemaker, during pregnancy, with an existing DVT, cardiovascular problems or epilepsy


Available in 3 options

  • Circulation Reviver 

  • Circulation Reviver with Remote Control 

  • Circulation Reviver Bonus Pack (with remote control + 3 year warranty)


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